Beware of unlimited mileage

Unlimited mileage for your motorhome hire?

Motorhoming is all about freedom, so the first thing you do is ask for an unlimited mileage rental to get away from all the constraints.

However, make sure you study your itinerary carefully, because it may be a good idea to opt for a limited mileage package with a pre-defined number of kilometres.

Apart from extreme cases, it’s rare to cover more than 300 km a day on average on a touring or discovery holiday.

Don’t just drive, think about visiting too!

Given the speed, the roads, the type of holiday, the stops etc… in many cases, and unless you spend your holiday driving, aiming for between 200 and 300 km per day on average is reasonable for a motorhome rental.

Bear in mind that 300 km to 500 km of road will take up a good part of your day, or you’ll have to drive at night to take advantage of the sites to be discovered during the day… 😉

Additional mileage packages for your motorhome rental

Depending on the country and the brand, there are daily mileage packages or à la carte packages where you prepay blocks of 100, 500, 800 or 1000 km according to your needs.

Ask your CoolDrive motorhome rental advisor for more information and choose the package that best suits your trip and your budget.