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Here are some campground sites: (free campgrounds or less than 10$)

Drain stations if you are not staying at a campground:

Camper van generator in the USA and Canada (use)

What is a motorhome generator?

The generator is a power source and is only used if you’re camping in the wild (which is basically forbidden except in desert areas, or at least not recommended). The generator is not useful if you go to private campgrounds (campsites) where you connect the vehicle to the mains. It is useful if you’re doing static for several days and/or if you need to plug in the air conditioning when you’re stationary.

The generator is a power generator that runs on petrol from the tank and is used when stationary if you are spending the night “autonomously” to have light and air conditioning, or if you are unable to connect your vehicle to an electrical socket. It stops automatically if the fuel tank gauge falls below 1/3 of the tank.

As you drive around during the day, your leisure battery will be charged, giving you light in the evening.

When should the motorhome generator be used?

Wild camping is not strictly forbidden in the countryside or in the wild, but campgrounds (campsites) will allow you, for a few dollars, to enjoy peace and quiet, to have a barbecue or change oil and not have to use the generator: in North America (the United States and Canada), almost all motorhomes are equipped with one.

Unlimited use is sometimes included in certain packages but is more often billed on return of use (around USD 3/hour). The fridge-freezer runs on the battery and then on gas if there is no battery, electricity or generator connected. This is managed automatically.

Wild camping is not strictly forbidden in the countryside or in the wild, but the campgrounds will allow you, for a few dollars, to be in peace and quiet, to have supplies and to have barbecues or oil changes without having to use the generator: in North America (the United States and Canada), almost all motorhomes are equipped with them.

Kangaroo Island

If you hire a motorhome in Australia, you are authorised and insured to travel to Kangaroo Island. However, be sure to inform the agency on the day of departure and sign a document.

You must stay on tarmac roads.

What if something goes wrong on Kangaroo Island?

You will only be responsible for the cost of towing the vehicle back to the nearest agency (Adelaide) or the cost of submerging the vehicle should it take on water on the ferry or elsewhere on the island.

Rent a motorhome in South Africa or Namibia

Motorhome hire in Southern Africa (South Africa and Namibia).

South Africa and Namibia are the only two countries in Southern Africa, and even in Africa (with the exception of Morocco), that are really suitable for motorhome hire, thanks to the infrastructure, particularly the roads, the prevailing safety (with the exception of the centre of Johannesburg!?) and also thanks to the quality, well-maintained and recent rental fleet available.

There are only a few places to pick up vehicles: Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Windhoek. On request, it is possible to make one-way pick-ups in one city and drop-offs in another (ask Cooldrive Nomad, they do this very well). Camping in the wild is not recommended near the major towns, but is perfectly feasible elsewhere, although we recommend stopping off at the campgrounds, which are generally welcoming and very well equipped (see websites provided below).

Regions not to miss during your motorhome holiday in South Africa or Namibia

Here are the main regions not to be missed. You may not be able to do everything with your motorhome in one trip, but this will allow you to make your choice according to your interests, or it will give you ideas for a second motorhome holiday in South Africa and/or Namibia. A broker like Cooldrive will be able to advise you.

Cape Town and the Garden Route

The Cape Town region, with its spectacular scenery ranging from lush forests to sometimes rugged coastal areas, offers a large number of quality campsites. Enjoy camps such as Eden Peace in the deep forests of Kysna or Buttonquail National Reserve in the beautiful Elgen region or Khwa TTU in Ysterfontein and many others along the West Coast and the Garden Route.


With its varied landscapes, natural beauty and preserved ecosystem, KwaZulu-Natal is an ideal destination for motorhomes. The Drakensberg, coastal areas such as Balito or the Dolphin Coast, the Midlands Beauties and many other Zulu treasures can all be found in this coastal province. All the campsites offer excellent facilities.


Although it’s not the most beautiful region, you’re likely to pass through it on your way to or from Johannesburg and Pretoria. Country Park in Muldersdrift, Malonjeni Guest Farm in Meyerton and Ngonyama Lion Lodge campsite in Krugersdorp are just some of the excellent options available.

Southern Namibia

Desert towns and areas such as Aus, Fish River Canyon, Keetmanshoop and especially the Namib Desert: an area of incomparable beauty and vistas: are perfect and made for those considering choosing motorhome hire in Namibia: they will not only be able to see but stay close to these wonders. Our favourite campgrounds: Hobas camping, Quivertree Forest Camp, Naukluft camping.

Northern Namibia

Offering National Parks each more beautiful than the last: Etosha Park, Epupa Falls, Damaraland, Popa Falls, Opuwo, Tsuneb: this is motorhome camping at its best. You’ll experience breathtaking sites, spectacular views and plenty of birdlife on your Namibian motorhome adventure. For an unforgettable holiday experience that allows you to discover the beauties of South Africa of South Africa and Namibia in the comfort of a campervan: check out Cooldrive Nomad, which offers excellent rates combined with advice and experience.

Useful links and campsites in South Africa and Namibia :

http://www.southafrica.nete This official South African tourism website offers a wealth of information about travelling in the country. The AA is the main road organisation in South Africa. Here you will find useful maps and route suggestions for South Africa. This site provides information on national parks, campgrounds and wildlife in South Africa. An invaluable aid for planning your trips to the parks. This official Namibian tourism website offers a wealth of information about travelling in Namibia. Campsites Campsites Travel information about the country Plan your itinerary

International driving licence

Depending on the country, the international driving licence may be free or for a small fee. In all cases, allow a reasonable period of at least 1 month to obtain it.

The international driving licence, valid for 3 years, is a translation of your English driving licence and is recommended but not compulsory.

It is in no way a substitute for your national driving licence, which you will still need to show on the day you pick up your car, and to the local authorities if you have to deal with them.

Minimum age for driving a motorhome

The minimum age for hiring and driving a motorhome may vary depending on the country and the rental policies of each agency, but in general you need to be at least 21 or 25 years old to hire and drive a motorhome.

Some countries may also require the driver to have a certain number of years’ driving experience, usually between 1 and 3 years. It is advisable to check the specific requirements of the rental agency before booking a motorhome. You will find this information on the online offers and in PDF format.

Note that some vehicles, particularly in the USA, Australia and New Zealand, can be driven by people aged 18 and over, with or without supplements.