What fuel for a motorhome?

Which fuel : Diesel or petrol?

It goes without saying that you need to be very careful about the type of fuel you put in the motorhome.

If it’s diesel, as in most cases in Europe, elsewhere it could be petrol, and in North America it’s almost exclusively petrol.

Even if in theory this is not possible, be careful not to put petrol in the water tank: this has already happened on certain models where the fuel and water tank caps are close together or look alike.

How can I limit fuel consumption?

Here are a few useful tips on how to drive more economically and ecologically.

Fill up before returning the motorhome

In all cases, make a note of the starting fuel level (the vehicle is usually delivered with a full tank) and return the vehicle with the same level of fuel to avoid service charges that will be higher than the price paid at the pump.

One-way motorhome hire

Is one-way hire worthwhile?

In some large countries, such as the United States, it is possible to hire a vehicle in one place and return it in another city, on request, to avoid making a loop and to reduce mileage.

Of course, this comes at a cost, with hire companies charging one-way fees, but you’ll be a winner because you’ll use less petrol, spend less time on the road and see more in less time. So it’s an option worth considering.

Beware of unlimited mileage

Unlimited mileage for your motorhome hire?

Motorhoming is all about freedom, so the first thing you do is ask for an unlimited mileage rental to get away from all the constraints.

However, make sure you study your itinerary carefully, because it may be a good idea to opt for a limited mileage package with a pre-defined number of kilometres.

Apart from extreme cases, it’s rare to cover more than 300 km a day on average on a touring or discovery holiday.

Don’t just drive, think about visiting too!

Given the speed, the roads, the type of holiday, the stops etc… in many cases, and unless you spend your holiday driving, aiming for between 200 and 300 km per day on average is reasonable for a motorhome rental.

Bear in mind that 300 km to 500 km of road will take up a good part of your day, or you’ll have to drive at night to take advantage of the sites to be discovered during the day… 😉

Additional mileage packages for your motorhome rental

Depending on the country and the brand, there are daily mileage packages or à la carte packages where you prepay blocks of 100, 500, 800 or 1000 km according to your needs.

Ask your CoolDrive motorhome rental advisor for more information and choose the package that best suits your trip and your budget.

Beware of exchange rates and hidden charges

When you ask for a quote for hiring a motorhome abroad outside the EURO zone, in the vast majority of cases you will receive a quote in the local currency. It’s up to you to make the conversion, although you should be aware that you won’t get the ‘spot’ market exchange rate but, more likely, a rate 5% higher … which will make your rental that much more expensive.

In fact, when you pay by card, an interbank rate will apply between the supplier’s bank and your bank, not to mention the inevitable additional charges that our banker friends don’t hesitate to sprinkle in. It is not uncommon for some suppliers to apply a surcharge for credit card payments.

What’s more, the exchange rate at the time of payment of the deposit or the balance may be different from the one you used to make your calculations or your comparison: which represents just as much uncertainty when it comes to sticking to your budget.

In short, bear this in mind when making your comparison, as Cooldrive offers you price quotes guaranteed in EUROS (until departure) with no hidden costs or additional charges, whether you pay by bank card, cheque, bank transfer or holiday vouchers.