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Here are some campground sites: (free campgrounds or less than 10$)

Drain stations if you are not staying at a campground:

Park4Night: Mobile application for your stopovers

Park4Night is a mobile application that can help you find nice places to park your motorhome during your journey.
12,000 places to park your motorhome!

Looking for a nice place to stop in peace and quiet? The Park4Night mobile application has almost 12,000 places listed all over Europe.

This app is based on sharing between motorhome drivers. You exchange places where you like to relax, spend the night, have a picnic or for any other reason.

Everyone can contribute by adding photos, notes and comments. You can also tell the community about possible activities in the vicinity of your stopover.

The application also works in “offline” mode, so you can find a place to spend the night without an Internet connection, as the application saves the information for you.

Website :

Download the application for free on Android :

Download the application for free on iPhone-iPad :

Reception and parking law

Motorhome, Reception and parking law

For many years, the Union des Industries du Véhicule de Loisirs (UIVL) has been helping tourist regions, departments and local authorities to draw up and implement reception policies tailored to motorhome users…

To find out all you need to know about the law governing the reception and parking of motor caravans in France, we invite you to consult the PDF by clicking here.

This 24-page document explains your rights and obligations when parking your motorhome. You’ll find out the difference between camping and parking, the authorised duration and the possible parking areas.

Here is the contents of this document:


The motorhome: a winning bet

Rules and regulations
Traffic and parking
The mayor’s powers

Parking is not camping!
Confusing parking with camping is illegal.
Justice punishes abusive parking restrictions

Illegal restrictions
The “visual pollution” argument
Height bars and gantries: forbidden!
Original traffic restriction signs: also prohibited!

Wild camping … A question of common sense

An interesting article on Le Monde du Camping-Car about wild camping.

In our opinion, it’s a question of common sense (others would say feeling) when it comes to choosing a location.
Alternate between wild camping and campgrounds

We recommend alternating between camping in the wild and camping in a campground, even if it’s just to stop off once in a while for a really good shower, to empty the waste water or to meet new people.

The best RV campgrounds to visit in the parks of the American West (Bakersfield) (Death Valley) (Las Vegas) (Bryce Canyon) (Lake Powell) (Grand Canyon Bord Sud) (Barstow) (Monument valley) (Flagstaff)